Fallout 4 Preview


Fallout 4, Getting You Ready for the Game, Coming out on November 10th, 2015

Interplay Games introduces the next soon to be hit game called Fallout 4. The game continues the Fallout series with a whole new story and some added features which differs it from its previous game named Fallout 3. The game introduces a whole new arsenal of weapons adding up to over 50 and also adds over 700 weapon modifications, such as laser sight so that players can have an in-depth game experience. A huge selling factor for the game that has got so many fans excited including me is the Pip-Boy which is a wristwatch that allows you to get statistics, data, maps, items, and what may be possibly the coolest thing, is if you find a game cartridge on the ground you can use it and play it on your Pip-Boy so you can game in-game and kill monsters. Now onto what is the coolest thing you can do which is use V.A.T.S or Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System which allows you to slow down time while fighting and choose certain places of the body to shoot, so you ensure the death of your enemy. Fallout 4 will also have a feature that allows you to build a base with turrets and traps, and allows you to build a farm so that merchants and non-players can come and live in your base, so that you can achieve a community. As for monsters all of the old ones are coming back into play featuring ones such as raiders, feral ghouls, and more with a new addition called Dogmeat who can’t die. Hopefully this new Fallout will continue the great game series that we all know and love.

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