Jurassic World Movie Review


Jurassic World Movie Review

Jurassic World came out on June 12th, 2015 and gave moviegoers the ride of their lives with the new Tyrannosaurus Rex along with all the other dinosaurs. From all of the Jurassic Park movies we have never seen such a strong modified dinosaur. This was quite the shock to moviegoers because we never expected these amazing abilities from this rex. But of course they didn’t stop with just the abilities, they made just plain looking at the dinosaur scary with its white skin and larger teeth, it frightened everyone including me in the theater. Now of course the movie did have some major flaws in it, like this one that bugged me a whole bunch is “how did she run from everything without her high heels snapping.” When I say “she” I mean of course Claire aka Bryce Howard and I pose this question because its the truth, in fact it would be impossible for her to run even so much in the movie because she would be constantly tripping ad falling. However even though I thought it was quite stupid, I can’t say that I didn’t think it was a bit funny. In fact it may have even been an attempt from Colin Trevorrow to spark some humor in the other wise extremely scary movie. If so bravo to him because that stupid joke did make the movie more funny and enjoyable to me. This whole article I have been speaking about the new T-Rex but I should be talking about the coolest dinosaur there, which clearly took the spot since the first time we saw her, the Mosasaur. this underwater creature clearly captivated the audience and should have been introduced more. I would have loved to see this beast more in the movie because it gave me a feeling that I would only get from a roller coaster when I saw that dinosaur. But really you can’t say to yourself and others in a clear voice that you disliked the final part in the end when the Mosasaur ate the Indominus Rex. Well its that time of day to sadly finish up the article.

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