No Man’s Sky Preview

maxresdefault-2No Man’s Sky, Getting You Ready For The Game

A combination of fantastic games like Minecraft, Subnautica, and Destiny are coming together in a game created by Hello Games. This game is the exact type of game that all geeks would love including myself starting right off with the fact that there are 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 discoverable planets in this game. The game features being able to pilot your own ship through the galaxy, along with having to deal with the space police and space pirates. There will also be features so that you can craft and build on the planets that you go to. So basically its the game that I wished Destiny would turn into but never did. A great piece of the game is The Atlas which allows players to write about their discovery so that others can read about it and see for themselves. You can also upgrade your ship and characters equipment using blueprints so you can travel to the farthest places of the open-generated universe with awesome armor and gear. Now of course no planet is complete without wildlife, so Hello Games has put in great creatures resembling dinosaurs. Not only did they add regular dinosaurs but their own creations of dinosaurs that will scare you and amaze you. But through all of these items, to me the greatest item is its comparison to Minecraft considering it has no direct main storyline so players are not pulled down to have to do stuff but instead they can do whatever. The game will of course include online multiplayer so you can play with your friends on a journey for items, a cozy place to live, or whatever your hearts desire. I already love this game myself and if you are reading this article and have not read about this game before you’re probably saying that this is perfect, and how could something bad happen because you could just mine all the items on a planet and become completely overpowered. Well thats the thing, along with all the nice creatures are the bad ones which will become a problem especially including the what may be possibly the worst enemy due to the fact that it would be so easy to piss him off, the enemy is called the Sentinel and he is summoned to attack you if you destroy too much of a planet’s environment. But overall I can assure myself and everyone else that this game will be a sure fire hit when everything is put in order.

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