Pixels Movie Review


Pixels Movie Review

The highly anticipated Pixels movie came out on July 24th, 2015 and gave moviegoers quite a shock when they found out how horribly the movie was made. Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage, Kevin James, and Josh Gad was a too good to be true fantasy to all people including myself when the new Pixels movie came out. Now before viewers actually watched the movie, there was a high anticipation from all over the globe that the movie was going to be amazing with the combination of famous actors and celebrities and a great idea how could it not be. Well that gave the sad million dollar answer to everyone and that is that these actors have just lost their golden touch, that they had in boatloads from their glory days. Now if you’re a great fan of Adam Sandler and Kevin James like me, you had to be saddened at the reviews and the sheer fact from the movie that this might be the very end of these actors great comedic movies. Nonetheless of the loss of comedy from the movie, the brighter side was firstly that we got to see many of these great actors all in one movie and amazing special effects. If you are a geek like me you had to have adored the special effects coming from this movie because it made me feel alive with the pixelated structures and how stuff was destroyed it was amazing. But now to bring the movie on a down low again, I hated the plot of the story, I thought it was tacky and stupid and could have been much better written and made, with the first change being having Kevin James as a normal guy, instead of the president which is clearly too stern of a role for him to fit. That was the number one item on my list that pissed me off because Kevin James is known by all as the funny guy who makes funny jokes and is not put down by life but rather goes through it and makes fun of it. Personally I think that is a lot of why the movie failed, because the pizzazz was gone from him and was replaced by a boring strict man. Of course I can’t represent this entirely because by this logic I’m saying that he should have been in the team of gamers the whole time. So by this logic I’m partially wrong because he did make an appearance in the rag tag group of gamers at the end of the movie but again he did not deliver any charm that we expected from him so that he could spice up the movie. So I hope myself this is not the end of them even though it appears that way.

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