Assassins Creed Syndicate Preview


Assassins Creed Syndicate, Getting You Ready for the Game, Coming out on October 23, 2015

Ubisoft continues the exciting Assassins Creed Games with a new action packed game named Assassins Creed Syndicate. The new game starts off in 1868, London with the opportunity for the first time in forever to be able to play as two main characters named Jacob and Evie Frye. Now this game is a large step up from Assassins Creed Unity as it goes from the Medieval Ages to the Industrial Age and it introduces a large new amount of abilities, gaming experiences, weapons, and tools. One item that has made fans very excited for this new game is the new rope launcher which allows players to zip line to buildings in a new parkour fashion. There is also a large new arsenal of main weapons beginning with the cane sword, and its description is exactly as its name, so basically its a cane that can be pulled out and made into a sword. The game also offers new super fast paced combat which goes great with the other two main weapons which are the brass knuckles and the kukri knife. The final main weapon being added is the compact revolver which I in fact am very excited about because it offers a whole new cool weapon to Jacob or Evie’s arsenal and offers a new change to the usual musket, and blunderbuss that we have seen in the other Assassins Creed games. The game also is continuing Assassin Creed Unity’s multiplayer feel with co-op computer players, while fans are disappointed that Ubisoft will not be continuing multiplayer with real players online, this installment of multiplayer is assured to be an amazing add-on to the Assassins Creed franchise. 
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