Call of Duty Bo3 Zombies Preview


Call Of Duty BO3, Coming Out On November 6th, 2015- Getting You Ready For the Game.

The next Installment of the zombies franchise is coming out with the new game Call Of Duty BO3, where players will not only engage in new combat in multiplayer and campaign mode but will also be continuing in the intense combat against zombies. Call of Duty has recently released a video showing the first map that will be part of the zombies storyline, it is called Shadows of Evil and begins in the 1900s and features many new items that have not been shown before in other zombies games. We will be first giving an in-depth knowledge of all the items that we have been shown regarding Shadows of Evil. There is a new weapon being introduced with either a new camo or the new pack a punch skin which is seen as the first new thing introduced on this map. Next is an amazing sword that could very well be the wonder weapon of this map, as well as that there is also a obvious continuation of elemental items with it going from Origin’s staffs to Shadows Of Evil’s samurai swords. Adding on to the large amount of new things is the new fire shield which seems to be able to go super fast in the direction you are heading in order to effectively kill many zombies. There is also what might be one of the greatest new items introduced which is the new perk machine which instead of drinks, it has gum balls and while there is no confirmed idea on what the machine does, it is most likely thought on forums that it is a random perk machine meaning it will give out random perks, however this might not be the case because MrDalekJd as well as others has found a secretly shown perk in the zombies reveal tent named the Widows Wine however we still don’t know this to be a true perk yet until we can actually see it in-game. There is also player abilities however again this is not confirmed yet and finally there is aliens! Now nobody saw this coming but it seems that Treyarch are trying to take the aliens mode from Call of Duty Ghosts and insert it with zombies for a more intense gaming experience.

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